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    Positive.News - Mankind has already emitted enough carbon dioxide to blow past internationally agreed limits on warming – that’s the bad news. The good news is that this baked-in heating could take longer than previously thought to take effect, buying us time to adapt and develop technological climate fixes – but only if we reduce emissions fast. Those are the conclusions

    closest they've been in centuries Monday WTKR - You’ll want to look up at the night sky Monday, because the much-anticipated “Christmas Star” is set to be at its brightest. The “Christmas Star” in a nickname that’s been given to the astronomical event when Jupiter and Saturn will get so close together, they’ll be especially vibrant and visible to the naked eye. Recent

    PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Marvel unveiled its newest superheroes and they come from straight from Pittsburgh. Allegheny Health Network and Marvel Comics are partnering up to honor real-life healthcare heroes. “The Vitals: True Nurse Stories” follows actual AHN nurses working during the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo provided by AHN) Nurses have one of the toughest jobs during this pandemic. They do it all each day to

    Positive.News - It’s been a year. Pandemics, elections, upheaval. Somehow, a gift that does some good for the world seems like a good call this holiday season. Consider a tree. It’s CO2-absorbing, air-purifying, long-lasting and in the case of the trees planted by Treedom, beneficial for smallholder farmers and local biodiversity. You can choose from a variety of species to gift,

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