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    closest they've been in centuries Monday WTKR - You’ll want to look up at the night sky Monday, because the much-anticipated “Christmas Star” is set to be at its brightest. The “Christmas Star” in a nickname that’s been given to the astronomical event when Jupiter and Saturn will get so close together, they’ll be especially vibrant and visible to the naked eye. Recent

    Positive.News - It’s been a year. Pandemics, elections, upheaval. Somehow, a gift that does some good for the world seems like a good call this holiday season. Consider a tree. It’s CO2-absorbing, air-purifying, long-lasting and in the case of the trees planted by Treedom, beneficial for smallholder farmers and local biodiversity. You can choose from a variety of species to gift,

    Positive.News - For some it’s instinct, for others a habit, but giving thanks is good for our bodies, minds and our relationships. Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, who studied more than 1,000 people aged between eight and 80, found that those who consistently practised gratitude enjoyed a host of benefits. Physically, these people had stronger immune systems, were less bothered

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